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I'm an experienced wedding officiate skilled in balancing the seriousness of the occasion with life, and humor, and your personal taste, and spark of personality.

I would love to participate in this most wonderful and beautiful of days, and work together with you."

What is your theological background?

I believe that Jesus brings us good news of salvation – a changed and meaningful life here on earth and eternal life with Him forever. My ordination certificate is within the Christian Church and I have also served a Disciples of Christ Church, a non-denominational church, and I graduated from an Evangelical Free seminary.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have had the privilege of participating in wedding ceremonies for more than 26 years.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

I love taking all the anxiety and stress out of the couple and turning it into the best memory of their lives. I love helping to make the dreams of a couple about their wedding day come true. I love making their day special and unique. I love the nervousness of the bride and groom as they first meet at the altar. I love the moment when they turn and hold each other’s hands and say those magical vows that commit themto each other. I love the moment after they kiss and turn to face their friends and family and are introduced for the very first time as husband and wife. I love everything about weddings.

What couples are saying about Brother Alex...

"Brother Alex was our minister and he completely blew us away! He is so kind, genuine and GREAT at keeping things moving smoothly. We felt like he had known us our entire life and he quickly caught on to our personalities! Alex kept it fun and lighthearted as that was the type of ceremony we had hoped for. We are so pleased to have met Alex and consider him a friend! Thank you! Paige & Max McQuerter"

"We absolutely loved using the squad for our wedding ceremony. Our officiant, Brother Alex was amazing and helped us have a perfect wedding. All of our family and friends raved about how special and personal our ceremony was, we were thrilled too. Their service allowed us to build a unique ceremony that fit us just perfectly. we would definitely recommend them to anyone, thanks again Alex and the God Squad."

"Alex was very patient as both of our families wanted to take a ton of pictures. He never rushed us, and made the ceremony go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend The God Squad to anyone needing a wedding officiant."

"At first I was a little sad that I couldn’t use my own Pastor for my wedding due to the distance. As soon as i communicated with the God Squad, I knew I had made the right choice. Alex Cobb was our Minister. He was so perfect in every way! It was clear that he loved God and put both of us at ease when he arrived. My wedding, I felt was just perfect and we both had so much fun.
I would definitely recommend The God Squad!! We were both Very pleased!!"

"Very accommodating and friendly.

Super easy and quick to set up. Alex was very friendly and made the whole process very comfortable and quick. :) Thank you all at God squad!"

"We had Alex for our officiant and he was exactly what we wanted and expected from God Squad. He was on time, prepared, and very courteous. We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant. Will definitely recommend to others needing an officiant."

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