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What is your theological background?

I believe God exists as the Trinity. Love, grace, mercy, and justice become the supreme expressions in the world of God’s existence. We are all created in God’s image and therefore have great worth, value, and dignity. To love God, our neighbor, and ourselves summarizes for me God living in us. 

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have officiated weddings over a span of 34 years. 

What do you like BEST about weddings?

I love the expresses on the faces of the wedding party. To see the excitement, love, and anticipation of the couple plus the fact almost every wedding has an unplanned moment of laughter all bring joy to me as I officiate. As the couple standing before me commit themselves to each other I love to watch them become oblivious to everything and everyone but each other. The power of love. 

What couples are saying about Rev Mick...

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" I would highly recommend Rev Mick, and The God Squad. They were so quick to respond, kind and very professional. I absolutely loved working with the GOD Squad."

"I'm so glad we found you guys. When we started looking for a minister to conduct our wedding ceremony, everyone pointed us to you. We had not heard of the God Squad, but it seems like we were the ONLY ones. Everyone in the wedding business recommended using the God Squad. You guys were everything they said you were, AND MORE. Thanks for leading our wedding ceremony. We couldn't be more pleased."

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