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" I love watching our couples exchange vows and embark on a new level of commitment and relationship with each other."

What is your theological background?

I am ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) since 2005. 

I am a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) as well as a wedding minister with the God Squad.  I believe God loves us all and we are blessed with the ability and the opportunity to declare our love for other.  The greatest gift one can give is his or her love to another.  Officiating weddings is one way in which I feel our love is celebrated and honored.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I've been performing weddings for 17 years.

What do you like BEST about weddings?

Weddings are such joyous occasions.  I enjoy taking care of the details of the service and the marriage license. ahead of the ceremony,  so the couple can focus on being present with one another and their guests.  

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