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What is your theological background?


I was Born and raised Roman Catholic, and entered a Catholic Seminary/College two weeks after graduating High School to be a Franciscan Priest. After leaving the seminary a few years later I met my wife who was Protestant and I became a Protestant Minister.

I am Credentialed with the Assemblies of God and Ordained with World Harvest Ministry. Because of the both faiths it has helped me in my ministry as a concierge minister with a "church of no walls" or "street minister" in which I am able to speak and minister to people of various faiths and cultures.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have been officiating weddings and other liturgical obligations since 2003

What do you like BEST about weddings?

All the weddings that I've officiated, have been unique, yet in all of them, nothing can compare to the sparkle in the groom's eyes, as his bride approaches the altar. - a look that only the bride and I can see.

The camera can never quite capture it. This moment in all weddings is truly special. It's the moment where you actually can see the special love between the bride and groom.

From there it's not unusual to see a flow of waterworks from a groom who in the rehearsal swears that he will not cry.  That moment is special, amazing, and beautiful.


What couples are saying about Pastor Dom...

Pastor Dom was simply wonderful! He was so kind and waited patiently for my Mother-in-law, who arrived late (she is not well).
I can’t say enough wonderful words about him and the God Squad!!!
Thanks so much!

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