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Wedding HELP & FAQ's

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How do I find your wedding options and prices...?

Kindly return to the HOME PAGE, where you will find the local cities we service. 

Click on the closest city to your wedding location, for options and prices.

If your wedding location is in a state not listed on this site, please visit our

Nationwide Index at www.HappilyEverAfter.Pro

Do we have to have a marriage license, before we get married?

Yes.  A state-issued marriage license is required, and must be on-hand before the wedding begins.  For more information, please consult the local marriage license office. 


How is a minister assigned to our wedding?

Our BASIC Option is typically chosen by couples who just want us to arrive, and perform our standard ceremony; Its pre-scripted, and performed the very same way, by all members of the God Squad. 

We assign ministers for the BASIC Option, based on availability, at your chosen date, time, and location. Special minister requests are not available on the BASIC Option

Our CUSTOM Option is for couples who want a more "hands on" experience,

by both meeting their minister, and having us assist in creating their own unique ceremony. (You can read about our minister staff, on the Meet The Squad page on our website).

The CUSTOM Option also comes with our on-line Marriage Preparation Course.

If choosing our CUSTOM Option, when submitting your availability request, if you have a preference of ministers, you can indicate it, and perhaps a second choice tooIf you've not indicated a preference we'll assign one of our finest ministers, based on availability for your wedding date, time, and location.

Once you've called in and arranged our CUSTOM Option, your minister will reach out to set up your working meeting. (typically approx 6 weeks prior to your wedding date)

Are we required to meet with the minister in order for you to marry us?

No.  We can handle everything over the phone, and via email.
If you'd like to meet with your minister prior to your wedding, then you'll want our CUSTOM option.  Once you've booked our services, and your wedding has been assigned, your wedding minister will be in touch to arrange a meeting. 
Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How soon do we need to book The GOD Squad?

If you'd like a member of our celebrated staff to be a part of your celebration, please arrange us as soon as you decide on a date, time and location.

We work hard to accommodate last minute weddings, but our staff remain in high demand. Informing a couple that they've waited to long to book our services, is among our saddest tasks. Please avoid putting off, this most important part of your wedding ceremony.

Will my fiance and I need a “Wedding Rehearsal”?

The GOD Squad performs weddings of ALL sizes.  If you are planning a simple “Bride and Groom only” wedding, with no formal wedding party, then no; you probably won’t need a rehearsal.   If on the other hand, you have a formal wedding, involving children, or with formal seating of Moms and Grandmothers, then you absolutely need a rehearsal.  

If you're determined to tackle this important part of your wedding on your own, click the hyperlink for a video that will help you prepare:  Rehearsal Video

Can we have a non-religious ceremony.

Yes.  In addition to our standard religious ceremony, we also offer a secular (non-religious) ceremony, if you prefer.

Neither of us has been to church in years. 
Can we still have a GOD Squad minister marry us?

Yes.  We're always available whenever you need a minister for special times in your lives. (If you were a regular member of a church, you wouldn't need our service.)


Do you perform "VOW RENEWALS"...?

Absolutely.  The fee is the same as wedding ceremonies.  Kindly check your local options page, and follow the thread to submit your availability request.
(when prompted for OPTION, indicate that this is a vow renewal)

Are you guys REAL ministers…?

Yes. That's the cornerstone of what makes our company unique.

The entire staff of each of The GOD Squad locations throughout the country are authentic, REAL CHURCH ministers. (never "internet-licensed" pretenders like other services use.) 
The average GOD Squad officiant has 10-15 years of local experience with weddings, and the spiritual needs within our community.

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